May 20, 2012

Sweet Trap

Kawaii Anata ni Amai Wana 

Related Titles: Kawaii Anata ni Amai Wana, 可愛いアナタに甘い罠,  给可爱的你甜蜜圈套, Süße Falle(German)
Mangaka: HONJOU Rie

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life, Yaoi
Length: 01 Volume (Complete)
Publisher: Libre Shuppan & TokyoPop (Germany)

ISBN V1: 978-3-8420-0475-7
Scanlation Status: Future

In the Keisei High School infirmary, the school’s doctor is regularly visited by Atsuki, the frail and handsome ‘School Prince’. They grow closer over tea and biscuits, but could Atsuki’s feelings be real or are they merely being used to escape his loneliness from the death of his parents? And could love bloom successfully between a teacher and their student?
- To Spanish by Mi Manga
Kawaii Anata ni Amai Wana Vol 01
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