June 2, 2012


Boku no Shiranai Koi no Hanashi

Boku no Shiranai Koi no Hanashi
Related Titles: 僕の知らない恋の話, Story of Love that I
Do Not Know, Amour ignoré
Mangaka: MURAKAMI Sachi

Genres: Romance, Yaoi
Length: 1 Volume (Complete)
Sequels: Mokuyoubi no Koibito & Yoru, Kimi no Ai wo Shiru
Publisher: Kobunsha & Soleil (France)

ISBN V1: 978-2-3020-2320-8
Scanlation Status: Future

Arima doted over his lover Saiki, who was manly, devoted, and overflowing with pheromones, but he has a history of once having been the neighbor Tanaka’s lover, and Arima had enticed him over to himself. On the other hand, Saiki, scarred from the SM play his ex-lover had forced on him, felt uneasy every time he was touched by Saiki’s kindness.

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- To Spanish by Mi Manga
Boku no Shiranai Koi no Hanashi
Volume 01
Chapter 01:
Chapter 02:
Chapter 03:
Chapter 04:


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