June 2, 2012


Kare wa, Ano Ko no Mono

Kare wa Ano Ko no Mono
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Du + Ich = Wir, Kare ha Ano Ko no Mono, Kare ha, Ano Ko no Mono,
Kare wa Ano Ko no Mono, 彼は、あの子のモノ
Mangaka: Kayoru

Genres: Romance, School Life, Shoujo
Length: 1 Volume (Complete)
Publisher: Shogakukan & TokyoPop (Germany)

ISBN V1: 978-3-8420-0338-5
Scanlation Status: Active


The young patient, who Sanae makes friends with, at her work in the hospital as a volunteer, is of all people the little sister of her crush, Takuya. But Sanae isn't the only one with these feelings, then all of a sudden Takuya is together with her friend, Mika ... And on top of that he thinks, that it was Mika, who took care of his sister. Sanae must decide between the truth, and her friend’s happiness.

A volume of oneshots about tender feelings and the first big love!
- To Spanish by Mi Manga
- To Italian by Manga Cosmo
- To French by  Sumire no Team
Kare wa Ano Ko no Mono
Volume 01
Chapter 01: Released
Chapter 02: Released
Chapter 03: Released
Chapter 04: Released
Chapter 05: Proofreading

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