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Kimi Ito Hoshi

Kimi Ito Hoshi

Related Titles: Kimi Ito Hoshi ~ Minamoto no Yoshitsune Koi Emaki,
Mangaka: AME Arare

Genres: Historical, Shoujo, Romance, Tragedy
Length: 1 Volume (Complete)
Publisher: Kodansha

Raws: N/A*
ISBN V1: 978-4-0637-2106-5
Scanlation Status: Future

Three romance stories set against the historical backdrop of the conflicts between the Genji (a.k.a, Minamoto) and Heike (a.k.a. Taira) clans.

1 - Hoshi no Negai wo
In 1174, the Heike were in power, and they were searching for the Genji heir, who had gone into hiding. In the same city, a young woman named Shizuka, who had lost her parents in the war, is a dancing girl and prostitute. One night, a man called Torazou paid for her company, but he did not sleep with her. Instead, he talked with her, and began to teach her to read and write. What will become of their relationship?

2 - Akatsuki no Kanata ni
The time is 1183, during the Genpei war. Tomoe has always been a very masculine girl, and she can outfight and outdrink many men. Since childhood, she's been by the side of Minamoto no Yoshinaka, who she has come to love. Now that they're adults, Yoshinaka is a Genji general and Tomoe fights by his side. However, war is a dangerous time for love...

3 - Kimi Itohoshi
The time is 1184, during the Genpei war. Self-sufficient Kaede lives alone on a mountain, with only her hawk Kakeru for company. Her solitude is broken by Yoshitsune's Genji army when one of the soldiers, the young Nasu no Yoichi, blunders into her hunting grounds. She allows herself to be drawn into the army's world, crushing on Yoshitsune and treating Yoichi as a little brother. However, as her role in the war becomes more complicated and dangerous, her feelings for Yoichi are beginning to become more than that of an older sister...
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Kimi Ito Hoshi
Volume 01
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