June 2, 2012


Sajou o Yuku Hana

Sajou o Yuku Hana

Related Titles: Blüten im Sand, Flowers in the Sand,
Sajou wo Yuku Hana, 砂上を征く花
Mangaka: AZUMI Moka

Genres: Historical, Yaoi
Length: 1 Volume (Complete)
Publisher: Nihon Bungeisha & EMA (Germany)

ISBN V1: 978-3-7704-7347-2
Scanlation Status: Future/Upcoming

Byakuren, the young, beautiful, and hot-tempered commander of Komei, becomes intrigued with the enemy general, Samon, on the battlefield and wounds him. When they later chance upon each other, Samon is injured from their fight but shows no intention of drawing his sword. Instead of blows, Samon is more interested in exchanging words with Byakuren and exploring his body intimately. Byakuren soon finds himself losing his heart to the enemy, but is there a future for him with Samon when they are separated by enemy lines?

Source: Mangaupdates
- To Spanish by Mi Manga
- To French MagicScan
Sajou o Yuku Hana
Volume 01 
Chapter 01:
Chapter 02:
Chapter 03:
Chapter 04:


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