July 1, 2012


Anniversary Release!

Hi everyone!

Today is Mi Manga's First Anniversary. 

Image from  KuyaChan at deviantart.

Today we bring you a nice release, which should have been bigger for the Spanish Team. Before anything I seriously have to thank our wonderful staff.

They worked so hard to bring this release to you guys. Specially our newest proofreader, who right after signing up with us she had to proofread almost all of our projects. THANK YOU TAY. Also many, many thanks to Trixy one of our German translators, who's also a new member of the staff and who was boombared with an intensive amount of work. Ombreuse and Alchie our French and Japanese translators - what would Mi Manga be without our first translators who still work extremely hard and who also did an incredible job on this release and Bloodymaryel who's also a new member of the staff and a German translator. Thank you SOOO much SimplyAnonimous for putting up with all those projects I've sent you (including the last minute ones), AND THANKS to Lory who's a cleaner for the spanish team, but who was kind enough to clean the English raws. THANK YOU!!!!! Muchísimas GRACIAS Lory!

Now the yummy stuff -
Lost Memories - Chapters 0405 (End) and two extras: 01 & 02
Love Giant - Chapter 01 (New, Smut)
I want to be killed by your love - Chapter 01 (New, Smut)
Mokuyoubi no koibito - Chapter 01 (New, Yaoi)
Engage Knight - Chapters 0405 & and extra (Ends vol. one)
Kare wa, Ano Ko no Mono - Chapter 01

Well, then head over to the forum to download these babies.
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