August 22, 2012


Another wonderful release!

Okay, I'm clearly not Nelly who usually does the blog- I'm Simply (You may have met me on the forums.) Nelly has been swamped by work, (A big thank you to Nelly- you're always keeping everyone on track, and always doing loads of work yourself!) so you guys will have to deal with me this time round. 

We still urgently need cleaners & typesetters for releases, and of course we always want/really need/would really love some translators (German, Japanese and Chinese). We can't do everything without the necessary staff, and the more staff we have the speedier releases will be! (A win-win situation)

As always we're having another release.
Everyone has been working hard (as far as I know) 
and though this one's a little smaller than the last one, 
I'm sure the quality will be as good as always.

Kare wa Ano Ko no Mono Ch. 02 (the second Shoujo One Shot)
Mokuyoubi no koibito Ch. 02 (another Yaoi One Shot)

You can download these chapters off the forums (as usual) Enjoy the new chapters! 


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