May 20, 2012


Mokuyoubi no Koibito

Mokuyoubi no Koibito

Related Titles: 木曜日の恋人, 週四戀人, L'Amant du jeudi
Mangaka: MURAKAMI Sachi

Genres: Romance, Yaoi
Length: 1 Volume (Complete)
Publisher: Kobunsha & Soleil (France)

ISBN V1: 978-4-334-80679-8
Scanlation Status: Active

Complicated and embarrassing love stories embarrass the lives of many young men. The first story describes the relationship etween a dentist and his younger cousin (by ten years). The young one, Makoto, shows his feelings as much as he can, but his older cousin seems to hesitate because of fear.

On the second story, as soon as he ends high school, a young man decides to seduce his former teacher who he had always loved. Then he begins to work in the high school canteen as a cook. But even though they used to be close in the past, now the teacher becomes cold to him...
- To Spanish by Mi Manga
Mokuyoubi no Koibito
Volume 01:
Chapter 01: Released
Chapter 02: Released
Chapter 03: Typesetting
Chapter 04: Typesetting
Chapter 05: Translating

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