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In what format are your releases?
Our releases are in flash and .exe format.

Can my computer get infected by downloading this program?
No. Our uploads are completely clean.  If you don't feel comfortable downloading it please don't.

What happens if my computer breaks down because of this program?
I am certain this won't happened, but if it does we bear no responsibility. Therefore do not download our releases if you're not comfortable with it.

I'm a Mac user, I can't view .exe.
We know and we're trying to find ways for you guys to read our releases. As of right now the only solution is for you to read our releases on our online server(s). We don't know how long we can keep this up as our servers are free, meaning they can be shut down anytime. We'll still try to find other solutions.

Can you change the format?
No, just give it a chance. It's actually quite easy and fun to use after you get used to it.

Why did you change the format?
Because people were not respecting our rules, we try so many ways to keep our releases off online readers and so far this one is the only one that has worked. We're happy with this new format.

What happens if somehow the format is "cracked" and uploaded to online readers and/or if the release is share on sharing websites?
If the format is "cracked" the group will close its doors. It's too tiring to keep searching for ways to fight online readers. And if the release is shared somewhere online - WE WILL DROP each project that was shared.

General FAQs

What is Mi Manga?
Mi Manga is a scanlation group that had previously translated only to Spanish. We're serious about scanlating manga for "all" of you to enjoy, but because we seriously don't want to "over spread" the mangaka's hard work on the net, we've decided to make the group private to protect and still spread (enough) the hard working artists' work, so that one day it might become licensed.

If you're a true fan of manga STOP VISITING ONLINE READERS, they feed from our hard work and steal cash from the mangakas' pockets - who are already struggling to make a living from manga.

Funny trivia:
• The word 'Mi' is Spanish for My.
• Did you know that the word "manga" in Spanish means sleeve? So when we say "Mi Manga" we're actually saying "My Sleeve".

Where can I download your releases?
At our forum. You must become a VIP.

How do I become a VIP?
Visit our forum for more information.

Can I help?
YES! For more information visit our Join Us page.

How can I contact you?
Use the Contact box or email the admin at mimanga @ live.com (remove the spaces).

Are you available for joints?
We rather not do joints.

Can I provide my raws?
Only if they are your raws. Email us and let us know what you have.

Did you drop [title]?
If the project is not under 'Dropped' then the answer is no.

What happened to [title]?
If you're looking for a project we've completed and can't find it, that means that the project was either licensed or we were asked to take it down by the publisher/mangaka.

We respect their wishes, therefore you won't see any English/Spanish licensed manga on our blog/forum. It doesn't matter if it's not available in your country - what we care about is that the project is either in English or Spanish. Hope you understand, mangakas work hard for their money.

Can I translate your projects into another language?
Yes you may, but you need to ask for our permission first. To do so head over to our forum.

Attention Spanish groups: We will most likely re-translate our projects to Spanish. To know which projects we will be re-translating visit the project's page to find out.

Can I donate?

Right now we're not accepting any donations, but if you'd like to help us buy more books click the ads on this blog.

What type of mangas do you scanlate?
Mainly romance, yaoi, smut and shoujo.

What we do not scanlate: Licensed, Hentai and Ecchi mangas.

Can I host your projects on sharing websites/communities?

This is strictly forbidden! If you do the project will DEFINITELY be dropped.

Can you stop working on [title] because our group is working on it?

Not if we have enough staff.

Can I upload your releases to online readers?

Please, don't! This is strictly forbidden as well. If you do the project will be dropped.


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