June 8, 2012


Akuma ni Kusuri

Akuma ni Kusuri

Related Titles: Akuma ni Kusuri Another Flavor, Medicine to a Demon
アクマにクスリ, アクマにクスリ ANOTHER FLAVOR
Mangaka: ABE Tsumika

Genres: Josei, Romance, Smut
Length: 2 Volumes (Complete)
Publisher: Ohzora Shuppan

Raws: N/A*
ISBN V1: 978-4-7767-2444-5
Scanlation Status: Future

Miyamoto Momoko is a college girl working part time at a coffee shop. The majority of her customers are normal people, but she has this one regular, Sakasaki Shu, who is so much of a bad boy that he seems almost evil sometimes. Momoko becomes emotionally invested with Shu as time goes on and they begin a relationship. But being his girlfriend is an emotional rollercoaster for Momoko.

Source: Mangaupdates
- To Spanish by Mi Manga
- To French by MagicScan
Akuma ni Kusuri
Volume 01
Chapter 01:
Chapter 02:
Chapter 03:
Chapter 04:

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