May 20, 2012


Lost Memories

Lost Memories

Related Titles: 時の迷子を探して, Toki no Maigo wo Sagashite.
Mangaka: MINADUKI Yuu

Genres: Yaoi
Length: 1 Volume (Complete)
Publisher: Libre Shuppan & Asuka (France)

ISBN V1: 978-2-82030-076-7
Scanlation Status: Completed

Orphaned since the death of his parents in a car accident when he was sixteen,  Akito lives with Kou's family, his childhood friend, who runs a restaurant. But, after an accident, Akito becomes amnesic, unable to remember the places, close people or events of his past. But Kou, secretly in love with his friend that he has been overprotecting since his memory loss, has more and more problems to push his impulses back until the day when...
- To Spanish by Mi Manga
Lost MemoriesVolume 01
Chapter 01: Released
Chapter 02: Released
Chapter 03: Released
Chapter 04: Released
Chapter 05: Released
Extra: Released
Extra: Released
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